Discoloration on your floor coverings can be due to a lot of cases that may affect its condition. The common place for stains are the heat sources like the fireplace and open flame cooking as the embers emit residues that can affect the carpet. Stains on the carpet are the side effect from animal urines and common juices that have splatter in the carpets.

To deal with the stains, acid rinse treatment is one of the tested solutions that can remove the blotches. Certain carpets would experience changes their pigment once it made contact with an acid rinse. Restoration of the color of your discolored carpet can be done by our carpet clean masters with their tools and solutions.

Your carpets will be free from the most stubborn and fade patches once treated by our carpet masters. Your can get the best value with our service for they are dedicated to giving the customer service you deserve.

Our service can cater any carpet stains that you have and we can assist you round the clock. Call us and have it dealt today.

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